My instuctor, my crush

My instuctor, my crush

There was this instructor of mine that I really, really, really like. He was teaching mathematics of investment when I felt that there is something on him that I can’t put a name. All I knew is I can’t take my eyes off him every time he discussed today’s topic. At first, I didn’t pay much attention for what I felt. Because I know I was just admiring his intelligence. And sooner or later it would be gone. Or that’s what I thought. I am very much confident that I am no longer holding those feelings I felt for him. Besides, its new semester already. And gladly he’s not one of my instructors. But it seems that fate wasn’t really on my side. I often times seen him in school campus. But every time I saw him I can feel butterflies in my stomach. For no reason, I can’t find myself looking at him without the feeling of shivering of my legs. I can’t even afford to greet or smile at him. What’s weird most is I am so desperate of asking his number from my friend. And when I finally got it, my IQ depreciates. I tried being an interesting girl every time we exchanging messages. But he’s not just into it. Worse, I heard he has a girlfriend. Worst, she’s also a student. Good thing I never mention my name.


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