An ending and a beginning

We cant deny that there will be time to say goodbye. Bye doesnt always mean an ending. But sometimes its beginning. The time has already come to say goodbye to my high school friends. Who always there for me.

I guess Im gonna say bye to those day when someone listens to my heartaches and gives me hug to make my pain go away. Or those days when im feeling awkward, and by instincts, I reach for their hand because its boots my confidence just knowing they’re walking with me.

I cant forget those days when im sharing my ‘kilig moments” to them. And those days we’ll do gossips together. Judging people without even knowing them. Do cheating together, particularly in exams. And hanging out together.

Thats all part of my life. My high school life has to end. In one blink I will graduate “ng walang karangalan”.:)

And this will be the beginning of my new life.. Meet some new friends. And at one point, I have to face my heartaches alone, without expecting someone to hug me.

I wish I can say to my friends that in good and bad times, ill be in their side forever..